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Process against Apple for breach in processors is dismissed

Last year was so full of events and polemics in the tech world that I find it perfectly understandable if you don't remember what Specter and Meltdown. In that case, I give you a quick reminder: These are the serious vulnerabilities found in basically every modern processor in the world, which exposed the computers and mobile devices on which data breaches, attacks and thefts were present. This article and this one explain the whole policy in great depth to anyone who is interested.

At the time, a number of companies including Apple were sued for controversy on the grounds that they knew about the problem and did not make it public, exposing users to unnecessary risks, and that vulnerability fixes (released quickly by Ma, well remember) caused their devices to suffer performance drops. Now, the collective action regarding Ma has just been discarded.

Based on data from benchmarks Before and after the enforcement of the corrections, a US District Judge stated that the action would be dismissed because the complainants did not provide sufficient facts to prove that their devices were worth less after the upgrade than previously. Apparently, the cases of performance loss were punctual and did not consist of a universal or serious problem to the point of devaluating the devices.

So one less stack of cases in Cupertino's legal department. Certainly a news to be celebrated there in a moment of such shaking, I believe.

via AppleInsider