Problems with the iPhone signal after the iOS update?  See how to solve

Problems with the iPhone signal after the iOS update? See how to solve

Some of our readers are complaining that, after the last system update, the device has run out of cell phone signal. What is not clear is why this happens to some users and not others.

See in this article some possible solutions to this problem.

There is no known explanation for why this is happening to some users. So, if you have this problem, try one of the alternatives below.

1. Restart your iPhone and wait 5 minutes

The best-known technique in the world of computers: turning the device off and on again.

Sometimes the problem is with the operator and not exactly with your device. So, in some cases, restarting the iPhone will cause it to reconnect with the signal and the operator will restart the settings that you must make with your line. It is suggested that this may take up to 5 minutes after the iPhone has restarted.

2. Put it in Airplane Mode and restart

Some users were able to solve the problem by putting the iPhone in Airplane Mode, waiting 30 seconds and then restarting the device (turning off and on again). Once switched on, simply turn Airplane Mode off and the signal often returns to normal.

Some claim that Airplane Mode is a way to empty the cache DNS, which would help in some cases of poor connection.

3. Reset the Network Settings

This is a more radical solution, because it has wider side effects. If, on the one hand, it redefines the entire network configuration and thus eliminates possible problems, it also erases Wi-Fi passwords stored in the system. After doing this, you will have to manually reconnect to all known wireless networks, providing the password when needed.

However, this redefinition can put an end to some maladjusted configuration, often bringing back the lost signal.

To do this, just go on Settings ›General› Reset ›Reset Network Settings. Attention to choose the right option, otherwise you may lose the contents of the device.

4. Perform a “clean” restoration

If none of these solved your connection problem, then you may need to perform a clean system restore. That is, you must restore all iOS and do not use any backup after that, as if the device had come from the factory.

Of course, before doing this, it is advisable to save photos and documents elsewhere that you do not want to lose.

In this other article we teach you step by step how to do this.

These are some tips on how to solve the connection problem after updating the system. Comment below if they worked for you or if you discovered some other way we didn’t know.

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