Problems with Moto X Style software are giving users a headache

Problems with Moto X Style software are giving users a headache

1. Moto X Style: Display Error

The error has been noticed since April of this year, when some Moto X Style units started to have a problem with the smartphone screen driver. As you can see in the image below, the Moto X Style display shows a failure near the virtual buttons at the bottom of the device:

AndroidPIT moto x style screen software bug 6813
At the bottom of the display, the screen illumination is smaller, but has nothing to do with screen problems / AndroidPIT

According to users, and even as far as the manufacturer itself is concerned, the graphical failure has no specific cause to arise and, it seems, is a software and hardware problem. So a corrective system update would do the trick. However, Motorola has not yet released such an update and, in fact, the only solution has come through the users.

Soluo (Community)

According to users of Reddit, The problem can be solved temporarily by hard resetting the device. The photo unit above one of the AndroidPIT team members is, according to him, to go back to factory settings is not an option at this time. If you are also awaiting the release of a corrective update by Lenovo, please be aware that the manufacturer does not have a date for this to happen, so you may have to keep the screen that way until Android 7.0 Nougat arrives for the device. .

In addition to this issue, the screen has other flaws among the national owners of the device, as you can see on the official Motorola Community page and the Claim Here.

2. Moto X Style: Top Speaker Noises

Some owners complain of loud noise and crackling in the Moto X Style's top speaker through Motorola's international forum. According to reports, it is possible to hear some crackling and distortion in the device audio while playing games and some audiobooks. The same is true when playing landscape music and videos from YouTube, where audio is noticeably distorted when increased.

In contact with the Motorola Repair Center, the company's attendant informed me that problems with speaker noise or sound distortion can be caused by misusing the device's sound equalizer. To alleviate this problem I need to go to the Play Music Settings> Equalizer and disable the "audio effects" key.

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Moto X Style speaker with noise and sound distortion / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Should the problem continue, the device should be shipped to the company for the duration of its warranty for repair or replacement if necessary. Contact Motorola support and other warranty activation information in the following article:</p><div class='code-block code-block-5' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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3. Moto X Style: 80% off power off device

There are some complaints about turning off the device when the Moto X Style battery is at about 80%. In some cases, the problem seems to be solved by pressing the power button for at least 2 ½ minutes. However, according to Motorola's US forum users, this could be a device battery indicator error that freezes by that percentage.

The Moto X Style's battery indicator may stop at 80% and regress further. That is, it is possible for the device to indicate 75% load, when in fact the actual capacity of 15%, for example. Although not a common problem, users who reported this inconvenience were able to fix it by restarting the device and holding down the "minus" + On / Off volume button simultaneously. If the problem persists, contact Motorola Technical Support.

4. Moto X Style: Google Now Takes to Be Fired

Motorola's voice assistant is a version of Google Now optimized with additional voice commands such as passphrase customization and new lines for queries and task execution. Service recognition software is more optimized in Moto X Style, as I mentioned in the device review, compared to Moto X Play, for example.

However, ambient noise can disrupt Google Now activation when captured while recording the service's custom phrase.

Some users are complaining about a delay in activating Google Now with Moto X Style. This drawback is due to the presence of noisy environments while recording your custom speech to the assistant, unlike the "Ok Google" standard. To resolve this issue, you will need to rewrite your start phrase in a quiet environment and, if possible, with the help of the call microphone that came with your device.

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Rewrite your custom phrase to make Google Now faster / ANDROIDPIT
<p>A clean new recording can make the assistant's perception more sensitive and therefore respond faster with each trigger. To rewrite your sentence, go to the app<em> Moto> Voice> Customize Home phrase> New Recording</em>.</p><div class='code-block code-block-7' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Did you have any problems with your Moto X Style other than the ones we mentioned in this article?

This article will be updated periodically with new issues that arise.

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