Problems That Can Occur ps root And How To Solve Them

A lot of people still choose to root their smartphone, especially on older models, looking to have a better experience of use with that device that has already gone offline, but still works very well. With a "rooted" smartphone the possibilities are huge, such as uninstalling factory apps, the famous bloatwares.

However, despite the many possibilities root provides, some errors can also occur after you have done the process. Because of that, I decided to list here some common ps root flaws and how to fix them. Check it out below;

Unable to download some apps from Play Store

Many apps can be locked in the Google store after the smartphone is rooted. An example is the Netflix app, which is not available for download. When this happens, we have two options to fix this problem:

  • Download the same app from other stores like APK Pure or from sites like APK Mirror;
  • Or simply root out your smartphone by following this simple tutorial.

Games and apps that don't work

There are many games that do not work when you have the rooted smartphone. Bank apps and Pokmon Go are two famous examples that lead to errors when trying to open. It is even possible to download and install directly from the Play Store, but when running the game errors will occur. Check out how to proceed:

  • Install MAGISK by following this tutorial;
  • In the app settings enable MagiskHide;
  • Restart the device;
  • Open the app and in the menu appear the option "MagiskHide";
  • Click on it and choose the app you want to hide root from;
  • Navigate to the Status option and click on the SafetyNet check and wait for it to be "green";
  • That done, you can now open the app or game that was incompatible with root.

Wi-Fi issues

Another problem that often happens after root is the malfunction with the Wi-Fi network. There are times when the smartphone does not detect an available network, and in other cases signal loss occurs even if it is near the router or simply the connection is not active. . For this problem, do the following:

  • Turn on airplane mode and wait a few seconds, then disable;
  • Access your device settings and navigate to the "Wi-Fi" option;
  • Touch and hold the network you are connected to. A new window will appear, choose the "Forget Network" option;
  • That done, restart your smartphone and see if the issue has been resolved.
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Troubleshoot Wi-Fi / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
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Several things can happen after root, and this can lead to a very annoying problem, which are the constant reboots or shutdowns of the device. When this happens, you may need to wipe your device, or simply need to restore it.

  • Turn off your smartphone;
  • Hold the buttons: volume (+) or volume (-) and turn on;
  • Wait until the Recovery Mode menu appears;
  • With the volume buttons navigate to the "Wipe cache partition" option and press the power button to select it;
  • Another screen will appear, and now just confirm in the "Yes" option and restart the smartphone.

If the above process has no effect, you will need to restore your system. To do this, repeat the same procedure, but instead of choosing "Wipe cache partition", choose "Wipe data / factory reset". Remembering that this process will erase all files and applications leaving Android as it came from the factory.

Mario Run

Nintendo's famous mustache game is another example that generates a lot of complaint from the rooted users because they can no longer play the game. Error 804-5100 always happens, and to solve this problem do the following:

  • After the error appears, exit the game and close it in the task manager;
  • Enter the /data/data/ folder and remove the deviceaccount.xml file
  • Now run the game again and you're done, problem solved.
mario error
Error Mario Run / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

These are some solutions for you to try to fix any issues your smartphone is having after it is rooted. Remember that the best alternative in most cases is to uninstall root completely.

And you know any other tips for a problem because of root?

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