Pro iPad owners report screen issues such as difficulty recognizing ringtones

O iPad Pro It is undeniably an impressive piece of technology, but it is also undeniable that the tablet has had its share of problems since launching especially the newer generation, with the politics of warping. Now device owners (across all generations) have begun to report another type of issue, this time related to their screen.

On Apple and Google Support Forums MacRumorsiPad Pro owners report a number of issues: These are cases of devices that do not recognize ringtones (especially at the bottom, when the keyboard is active), who choke while scrolling, fail to recognize gestures, and have other similar issues.

One of the forum's users MacRumors, for example, stated that its 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2018) had problems with the O, K, I, and J keys by its description, the system recognized the touch and the key changed color, but the character in question did not. appeared on the screen. As the factory reset did not resolve, he switched the device with Apple and the same problem appeared again.

Other users have reported similar problems, sometimes describing situations where finger contact with the screen appears to be disturbed or interrupted for milliseconds. It is not known if we are talking about a hardware or software issue, but evidence points to the first option, since restarting or formatting the device is usually not of any use.

The video below shows some of the issues described above:

There is no clear pattern among models that present the problem: there are reports of owners of iPad Pro from all generations, from 2016 to the latest Face ID versions. A problem that seems to be common, however, is that some 2017 models will show defects after upgrading to iOS 11.3.

Apple has not yet commented on the issue, but users who experience any of the above issues should, of course, bring their device to the nearest Apple Authorized Service Center. We will be waiting for the next chapters of this story.

via MacRumors