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Privacy: Most consumers don't trust companies, not even Apple

Of all the tech giants, Apple is certainly the one with the most prominent pre-privacy position these days. Yet overall, research in the United States and the United Kingdom has shown that consumers do not even trust it (let alone the others).

The survey, commissioned by Tresorit from YouGovHe noted that more than 40% of people simply do not trust their data to any of the technology giants, and more than two-thirds of them believe their online data is hacked.

As the graph above shows, who tops the ranking for Amazon but even has a low reputation: only 28% trust their data. Microsoft comes in second with 24%, then Apple with 22% and, surprisingly, Facebook with 19%.

That's right: The giant with the most privacy and data leak scandals of recent times appears right after Apple in search, and right in front of Google (13%), Dropbox (9%) and Instagram (with a mere 7%).

"Reliability in many of the digital giants is definitely broken, but encryption technologies show the way for those who want to regain their online privacy as soon as possible," Tresorit said.

If the research really reflects the view of users in general, it is clear that all these companies still need to do a lot not only to promote their pre-privacy actions, but mainly to actually gain the trust of more people with practical actions that prove their good. intentions.

And you, do you trust any of these?

via ZDNet