Privacy: Apple advertising pokes competitors in Canada

Privacy: Apple advertising pokes competitors in Canada

That Apple values ​​for privacy of her customer data in the news, and as we know, she likes to make that clear. Earlier this year, we shared a big company announcement in Las Vegas (Nevada) that said, "What happens on the iPhone stays on the iPhone."

In the same style of the release of the beginning of the year, Ma debuted this week two other new outdoores in Canada that reinforce the company's stance on privacy of its customers.

The new gables / outdoors were spotted on Toronto (Ontario) streets and shared on Twitter by journalists Josh McConnell and Matt Elliot. One of them is even located next to Sidewalk Labs, a Google company, and includes the slogan that says, "We're in the business of being out of your business."

Apple's New Billboard Outside Toronto's Sidewalk Headquarters: “We're in the business of staying out of yours.”

Taking advantage of the location of the second advertisement in King Street, the other sign says, "Privacy King. That's the iPhone."

Oh I understood. Because it's on King Street.

In addition to outdoors, Apple conveys its philosophy of privacy also on the web; Last week, for example, the company ran a new privacy ad on the App Store, as well as regional campaigns on its official website.

Why are you crying, Facebook?

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