Prisma wins store with over 20 new filters and other news

Prisma wins store with over 20 new filters and other news

The coolest photo app on the Play Store, Prisma, has just been updated and has received an internal store where the user can download additional filters. Details about this update are just below in the "update to version" topic.

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Prisma: updated to version

New store and custom filters: Prisma, an app that turns photos into works of art, has released an update that adds an internal store with over twenty different filters for the user to choose from. As with the rest, the new options are inspired by painters and artists. Fortunately, all added options are free.

When opening the app after the upgrade, the user will be greeted with a "welcome" screen, where he can click the "get more themes" button to get to know the internal store. Another interesting feature is the option that allows the user to create new custom themes, which allow a range of over 60 options. Creations can be organized and cataloged.

According to the developers of Prisma Tab, future updates will add the sharing option of filters created by users.

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Prisma: updated to version 1.1.47

Offline and video support: Prisma Android users can now use the offline app. Now using the app will no longer be a problem, however, to download in styles you will need an internet connection.

For this reason, video support is now possible, due to the change in the application algorithm, which now works on the device and no longer on Prisma servers. Below you can see a Coca-Cola ad that uses the new feature:

According to the app developers, the video processing time will depend on the device you use. If it's an iPhone 7, for example, it would take 30 seconds to process a 15-second video; and the time would be basically twice as long using an iPhone 6S. The app should still bring the option to create GIFs in the future.

How to have the latest version of Prisma on your Android

To download Prisma on your smartphone, go to the Google Play store. If you want to have the latest version of the app on your mobile phone, you can also download Prisma APK from APK Mirror.

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What about, do you use Prisma often? What do you think about the app?

The purpose of this article is to gather all information about Prisma updates in one place. Thus, updating and republishing this subject will become necessary over time.

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