Prioritize digital well-being and change your online lifestyle with Digitox

If you feel that the time you spend on your smartphone is having a negative impact on your life, Digitox can help you cultivate more responsible usage practices, with a view to your digital well-being. The application allows to measure the time spent on the mobile phone, allowing to give more priority to important moments in life.

The application presents a set of tools specially targeted for those who want to do a digital detox. Users can check how much time they spend on their smartphone or tablet and set limits on daily usage. Digitox also offers reminders to refresh the memory of the most forgotten.

Spending too much time in front of the smartphone can become problematic. In 2019, an investigation presented at the Beyond the Future conference revealed that 28% of Portuguese people assume that they are dependent on their mobile devices. According to the information released, 86% of respondents regularly use smartphones or tablets on the street, in the bathroom and also while watching TV, and about one teroconfirm adverse effects on sleep quality.

The digital detox is a trend that has been growing and, with the entry into 2020, more than 40% of European internet users revealed that one of their resolutions was to change their online lifestyle. The reduction of time spent on gadgets was one of the goals pointed out by the majority of respondents to a survey conducted by Kaspersky.

Smartphone users with the Android operating system who want to dedicate more time to the less digital moments of life can download Digitox for free from the Play Store.