Prior to release, site publishes hands-on with DJI Osmo Pocket

Prior to release, site publishes hands-on with DJI Osmo Pocket

O gimbal DJI Osmo Pocket It should only be officially announced later this afternoon, but it seems that people already have the device in hand. The site placement Drone DJ at the YouTube published a hands-on video with the first impressions of the product, even before the release.


New gimbal edition can be announced this Wednesday, November 28th

According to the publication, this specific unit was not stolen something that some websites speculated in their news. Despite this, the official story that the device was purchased at a US United States and sent through the carrier FedEx.

Official Website: DJI Osmo

The first impression is revealed by the video as the compact gadget and is small in the user's hand by comparison. It also means that, unlike what was expected, the Osmo Pocket camera is much smaller than the one present in the DJI Mavic 2.

The product is made of a matte plastic material almost entirely, except for the gimbal and the camera itself. These specific parts look more like metal, according to the publication.

The only thing we could not use the device. This is why the Mimo application is required, which is not yet available. The official announcement of the Osmo Pocket is due to take place today, at 5 pm, in Brasilia's summer time.

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