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Primate Labs compiles performance data from all Macs

Geekbench conePrimate Labs, developer of the software for benchmarking Geekbench, compiled performance results sent by users and published this week a very complete article with comparative graphs, even separated by categories (Professional Laptops, Professional Desktops, Home Laptops and Home Desktops).

This edition of the survey contains the latest hardware from Apple MacBooks, MacBooks Air and MacBooks Pro (except the new 17-inch, of course). The data was collected by the Geekbench Result Browser from machines running with standard processors and at least 512MB of RAM.

An average score was obtained for each model and chip combination. In case you are not familiar with the Geekbench and the way it measures performance, a score of 1,000 is equivalent to a 1.6GHz Power Mac G5. The more the better. Another important thing to note is that the benchmark based on performance of processors and memories only, not considering graphics adapters which greatly influences the numbers of MacBooks and MacBooks Pro, for example.

The coolest thing to note is how much Apple has evolved since migrating to Intel chips. At the time when I was stuck in the PowerPC G4, the gains from one model to another were negligible. See that the performance grew little from 2003 to 2006, while only desktops could use G5 chips.