Primate Labs benchmark and compare performance of new iMacs, mini Macs and “old” Macs Pro

How about a performance comparison between iMacs? And between iMacs, Macs mini and Macs Pro? That's exactly what Primate Labs did, using the traditional multiplatform tool Geekbench, which evaluates performance and performance.

The new iMacs, in addition to a redesigned body, feature Intel's new processors, the Ivy Bridge. How does the performance of these new processors compare to the Sandy Bridge found on previous generation iMacs? How does the performance of the new iMac compare to other Apple desktop computers?

First, a comparison between iMacs (generations 2011 and 2012) the higher the number, the better:

Comparison between iMacs

It is worth mentioning, however, that the new iMac used in the test and that was in the first one of 21.5 ″ and in the most powerful, of 27 ″. However, it was customized with a Core i7 processor (quad-core) of 3.1 GHz, that is, very powerful.

Now, a comparison between iMacs and mini Macs:

Comparison between iMacs and Macs mini

Finally, a graph comparing iMacs with Macs Pro:

Comparison between iMacs and Macs Pro

Even with the processing power of a Core i7 with four cores, the new iMac was not priced for the Mac Pro.

And, do you intend to buy any of these machines?