Price of white MacBook (old model) plummets in Brazil

Price of white MacBook (old model) plummets in Brazil

Apple Brazil has reduced the price of the old white MacBook model in Brazil by more than 15%. In the official table at the end of January, it costs R $ 3,800. Now, it can be found in the entire national retail chain for R $ 3,200.

White MacBook

Considering only payment options, choosing where to buy is not very difficult: both the and Submarino portals (which are part of the same group, by the way, but, choosing the Submarino link, you give us a little commission: – D) install the machine in up to 12 interest-free installments of R $ 266.58.

Fnac makes up to 10 interest-free installments of R $ 319.90, while the worst condition offered is that of Fast Shop, which charges interest: in 12 installments, each installment costs R $ 271.70. If you are going to hit the hammer, however, you get a 10% discount there, totaling a single installment of R $ 2,875.03.

The reasons for the reduction may be several: a small drop in the dollar value, the arrival of new models with 2GB of RAM, projects to popularize the Apple line in Brazil and / or, of course, the liquidation of the old stranded line.

The MacBook in question (MB402BZ / B) comes with a 2.1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1GB RAM, 120GB HD, SuperDrive, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Intel GMA X3100 graphics card.

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