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Premiere Pro CC bug that could "pop" speakers from MacBooks Pro is fixed

At the beginning of the month, we reported that a bug in Premiere Pro CC could pop speakers from MacBooks Pro. Today the Adobe has released a software update to resolve this issue.

The bug affected a good number of users of the video editor, which suddenly caused a very loud and distorted audio to be played through the speakers resulting in permanent damage. In most cases, the problem arose when editing video audio settings.

Adobe's temporary solution was to work around the issue by making sure the microphone was turned off when using audio enhancement tools (in Preferences Audio Hardware Standard Input No Input). After that, a company representative reported that they were aware of the bug and were already working on a solution to reduce these risks.

Now apparently everything has indeed been resolved in verse 13.0.3 Premiere Pro CC is now available through the Adobe Creative Cloud upgrade system. Here's what the update release notes are: "Fix issues with Premiere Pro that reduce noise interaction and help minimize potential impacts."

The problem that Adobe does not state with all the letters that the bug has been resolved only says that it helps to “minimize possible impacts”. That is, in my understanding, the problem could still manifest itself in some cases.

What's more, how are users who are affected and have their speakers permanently damaged? To give you an idea, a user who went through the trouble went to an Apple Store and received an account of over $ 600 to repair his MacBook Pro 2018 at 15 ″ the high value because in this case (as we know), Apple needs to change the top case internal (in addition to the speakers, this is the keyboard, trackpad and battery).

O MacRumors He contacted Adobe to find out how these cases of damaged MacBook Pro users will look, but for now the company has not commented.