premiere of “See”, according to Monica Beletsky and interview with head of service

Apple TV +: premiere of “See”, according to Monica Beletsky and interview with head of service

And let’s go to another set of news from Apple TV +, which is just over a week from launch in more than 100 countries around the world.

After «For All Mankind» and «Dickinson», yesterday (10/21) was the time for the futuristic (and highly anticipated) Apple series «See» winning the spotlight during their debut event, held in California.

Premiere of «See»

As we said, Apple held the series debut event yesterday «See»starring Jason Momoa («Game of Thrones», «Aquaman», «Stargate Atlantis»).

The event, which followed the same style as the other two premieres, had several stars and a very well decorated environment.

Check out the photos:

THE thriller post-apocalytic is among the most expensive Apple TV + productions (perhaps in the streaming), with a budget of * each episode * estimated at $ 15 million.

As of November 1, the first three episodes of «See» will be available on Apple TV + and new episodes will be released weekly, every Friday.

Agreement with Monica Beletsky

As if it had not already gathered enough talents, Apple closed a new multi-year contract with the screenwriter and producer Monica Beletsky, known for her work in «Fargo», “Parenthood ” and “Friday Night Lights”.

The information is deadline.

Monica BeletskyMonica Beletsky

In short, the agreement means that Beletsky will develop and produce exclusive content for Apple TV +.

According to Variety, this is her first multi-year (and possibly multimillion-dollar) deal in her career.

Other creators who have signed deals with Apple this year include Alfonso Cuarón, Justin Lin and Jason Katims.

The company also has a partnership with presenter Oprah Winfrey, with which it is producing a series on mental health and will also release documentaries.

Interview with Zack Van Amburg

Amidst the hustle and bustle of series premieres and the upcoming launch of the Apple TV +, the WIRED released an extensive article analyzing Apple’s upcoming service, which includes an interview with Apple’s audiovisual co-chief, Zack Van Amburg.

In one of the passages, Van Amburg said that Apple is focused on the quality, not the demographic range of the platform’s users: “Nobody here is sitting there saying that we need to find content for men aged 18 to 34, or the next series for women over 32 years old.

We are defining our schedule by quality.

Although most of the more traditional television entertainment content often aims to capture viewers between 18 and 49 years old (an important demographic cut for advertising), Apple, in fact, does not need to be so specific, since its service will not have commercials and / or advertisements.

In addition WIRED praised the level of detail in the series «For All Mankind», noting that producer Ronald D.

Moore has created an impressive plot, possible to expand over several seasons.

As we announced, the series has been renewed for its second season, and Moore had stated that he had «done» at least two other major sequences for the title.

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