Precursor of the iPad, Apple WALT appears working for the first time on video

This is for those who have been following Apple for at least three decades or, at least, have the company’s history at their fingertips: a WALT original was discovered in nature and, for the first time, filmed working in all its glory. Unmissable!

For those who did not understand anything of what I am talking about, I explain: the Apple WALT (Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone) was a prototype of the Apple that intended to unite a series of elements: it would run a modified version of System 6 (the Mac system at the time) and had a fixed telephone and fax connection, with a touchscreen controlled by a stylus – that is, a precursor to Newton, the iPhone, the iPad and the Apple Pencil, so to speak.

The product was announced at Macworld in 1993 in Boston, but it never went on to be officially sold – well, AirPower has a company. A few years ago, a WALT unit painted on eBay for the $ 8,000 trifle, but that specimen worked only partially. This model captured on video by Sonny Dickson works perfectly, and for the first time we can witness the mythical product in life.

The video’s WALT, of course, doesn’t care about speed (we’re talking about a 26-year-old prototype, after all), but it does have a series of cool letters up its sleeve: it has a contact list, a handwritten notes tool, touches personalized, caller ID and even access to a call service internet banking. The stylus, connected to the device with a cable, also appears to be quite accurate – by the standards of the time, at least.

Dickson also published other photos of the device, including his insides:

Apple WALT prototype in operation

The fact is that WALT was certainly ahead of its time – and perhaps that, too, contributed to its premature death. How good, then, that he can live in our memories through digital records.

via Slashgear