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Powerless hinge: iMac owners who have paid for support repair will be compensated by Apple

In purely aesthetic terms, I imagine few will disagree with me if I say that today's iMacs One of the most remarkable creations in Apple's history is such an influential design that it has generated followers that can even overtake it. Much of this resounding success can be credited to its elegant aluminum support, which makes it appear that the computer "floats" in the air and allows precise tilt adjustments.

Of course none of this matters when the hinges mechanism that connects the mainframe bracket doesn't work, and exactly what happened with some 27 inch iMacs shipped between December 2012 and July 2014 (mainly the end 2012 and end 2013 models) the engine breaks, producing a nasty pops, and basically "loses its strength", always pushing the computer screen to an upright position.

Across the internet, in the iMac owners and admirers forums, the problem has been reported extensively by a large number of users in recent years, and apparently the repair of the mechanism is not cheap: some of the lucky ones said to shell out more than $ 100 (about $ 350) to resolve the issue.

Because Apple is finally recognizing the problem, according to an internal document obtained by MacRumors, and go repay users who have paid for support repair. In addition, the company will extend the three-year support repair program period to the end-2012 and end-2013 iMacs by repairing the mechanism at no cost to all consumers affected by the problem.

Ma is not yet communicating to consumers about the new policy; For now, it merely instructs its stores, dealers and Authorized Service Centers with the rules of refund and free repair. Owners of iMacs affected by the problem who have already paid for the repair should contact Apple by phone or email, and those whose machine is still defective should contact a Genius or authorized counter to verify eligibility for free repair. .