Powerbeats Pro are now pre-ordered in the United States.

Powerbeats Pro: New Beats All-Wireless Headphones Launched [atualizado]

It had already appeared in the bowels of iOS 12.2; now, official: Beats has just released the Powerbeats Pro, totally new wireless headsets.

Powerbeats Pro

As speculated, the new product is very similar to AirPods in several respects: they share the same H1 chip, support the “Ea, Siri” feature and are completely wireless (now there's no more wire joining the left handset to the right). A big change, however, is the case that can recharge the headphones, which has a Lightning port to be recharged.

Powerbeats Pro have physical buttons for playback and volume control; on the other hand, there is no button to turn it on / off (just take them out of the case so that it is ready for use and put it back in sleep). The configuration, as expected, is exactly the same as for AirPods: just open the case next to an iPhone and follow the instructions on the smartphone screen. Still, if you use an Android, it is perfectly possible to have a Powerbeats Pro, pairing the headphones by the traditional method.

Undoubtedly, even by the design of the headphones, the Powerbeats Pro is the ideal choice (among Apple's options) for physical exercise both for rubberized (sweat and water resistant) material and for having A clip that attaches to the ear much more securely than AirPods (which has been redesigned and now adjustable). According to the company, the new headphones also feature “powerful sound, dynamic range balanced and noise isolation for an audio experience. premium“.

Powerbeats Pro

For the best possible fit in the widest range of ears, more than 20 configurations were electronically modeled and physically tested. The result, according to the company, is a completely new ergonomically inclined acoustic enclosure that fits comfortably in the ear. In addition, it comes with four ear tip sizes, 23% smaller than its predecessor and 17% lighter.

The battery promises: up to 9 hours of use and over 24 hours of playtime combined with the case with just 5 minutes of recharging you have 1.5 hours; with 15 minutes, until 4.5h!

But those who choose Powerbeats Pro have to shell out: the headsets cost $ 250 ($ 90 more than standard AirPods with non-Qi standard charging case) in black, ivory, navy blue and moss green, and will hit the market in May in the following countries: Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium , Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macau, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland.

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Last week we commented on the site that #iOS 12.2 brought images from #PowerbeatsPro, @beatsbydre's all new wireless headphones. The product has not yet been released, but @apple has already tried to put a huge gable to promote it in #LosAngeles. The ad shows a picture of the headphones with the text totally wireless just below the name; There is even a billboard there in the left corner, also promoting the product. As we said, #PowerbeatsPro has not yet been released, perhaps this will happen today, precisely because of these announcements, but it is well able to follow the specifications of the new #AirPods and bring the # H1 chip (and all its connectivity improvements) , as well as Ea, Siri command support. (via @ 9to5mac)

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Still, as we showed earlier on our Instagram, Apple has already started promoting the product by a.

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Update by Rafael Fischmann 4/3/2019 2:57 PM

Powerbeats Pro are already on Apple's Brazilian website and it will cost you when they get here, R $ 2,150 ($ 800 more than AirPods with non-Qi standard charging case). Obviously, they will still need to pass Anatel approval.