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Power Soccer wants to win fans in Portugal

Controlinveste announced a partnership with Power Challenge, a Swedish company that has several 3D online games on the market. The partnership starts with the availability on the group’s websites of two games: Power Soccer and Manager Zone.

Access to the games is free but does not allow access to all features. To guarantee this, it is necessary to pay a monthly fee of 3.2 euros that allows you to choose the equipment and tactical schemes.

To join the games organized by PowerChallenge you need to buy a season ticket, which has the same value.

Football Online

Games are associated with a marketing concept that is seldom used in Portugal and that allows local advertising to be associated with the scenarios where the action takes place. Vodafone and Betclick are the companies with advertising contracts already signed to guarantee a place on virtual lawns.

With the partnership, the company wants to ensure connection to the communities of players developed around the football games that it will make available directly on its websites.

Worldwide, this community has four million users. In Portugal there are already five thousand, between the two games.

Football online