Posting Arch Linux with i3 + Polybar + Pywal

Learn how to install Arch Linux with i3, Polybar and Pywal.

Arch Linux is a distro that allows you to customize the installation of all software packages that will be part of your system, but because it is, in its standard form, a fairly manual, natural "waste of time" configuration distro by setting Arch to leave it your way. In today's article our friend Marcos, from the Terminal Root channel, will give you some post installation tips for Arch Linux, ideal for those who want a minimalist environment.

Arch Linux - Post Install

The packages needed for this tutorial will be:

  • xorg;
  • fonts;
  • lightdm;
  • xterm;
  • firefox;
  • and bash-completion.

After installing Arch Linux, many people waste a lot of time getting it ready for use with i3, Polybar and Pywal, in which case we use Shell scripts that automate and speed up the entire process. We installed wget as it only existed on the Arch boot CD. After we downloaded our software for post installation automated, we give execution permission to programby checking which options are available with the parameter –help and we optimize the network mirror, so that installations are more quick with the parameter –mirror. We create and configure a user to be the sudo. And then we made the post install with our ninja app !!! After finished, let's go we restarted the system.


pacman -Syu

pacman -S wget


chmod + x

./ –help

./ –mirror

./ –sudouser [your username]

./ –install


After starting graphical session on i3 , we installed the Polybar it's the Pywal with another Ninja Shell Script: O Popy

git clone https://gitlab/terminalroot/popy.git

cd popy && ./ –all

In addition to other complementary tips that can be consulted watching the video below:

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