postal operator arrives next month

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You certainly know Correios, a federal company responsible for handling the sending and delivery of correspondence across the country. It has been a while since the company won a bid to operate in the 2.5 GHz band in São Paulo, and can then offer mobile services. After many months of speculation, the postal operator has an official operating forecast.

Called Correios Celular, the new «Tele» does not intend to fight with Claro, Oi or TIM, but be a more economical and transparent alternative to the consumer. Correios Celular itself will exist only as a brand, since the operation will be managed by EUTV, which operates in the market under the Surf Telecom brand and was responsible for choosing the 2.5GHz band during the bidding process.

The services and the entire infrastructure will be managed by EUTV, while the Post Office will take care of product marketing and service advertising. This happens a lot in this telecom industry, where one brand or company manages products from another, such as Claro, for example, which manages Embratel services in some regions of the country.

Correios Celular services will begin to be sold in São Paulo in February

Correios Celular will operate in classes C and D, so we can wait for an operator that will offer prepaid options, such as packages, control plans and diversified refill amounts. The services start first in São Paulo, during the month of February.

The national expansion of Correios Celular will take a few months, but it should happen in partnership with TIM. It is worth remembering that Porto Seguro, which is also a virtual operator, also operates in São Paulo in partnership with TIM, and should expand to more states following this same strategy.

Correios promises transparency and simplicity in services, offering information and consumption data to its customers in an accessible and objective way. The company also said that refills and chips could be purchased at post offices in the first moment.

Are you satisfied with your operator? What do you think of the idea of ​​a postal operator?