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Post-it Plus app for iOS organizes all your mess

Are you one of those people who love a “yellow sticky note paper” to take notes, phones, reminders, etc.?

I believe that many of you, like the one who writes you, must have used the famous Post-its for your notes. Thinking about it, the company responsible for the roles launched the app Post-it Plus, so you can easily scan the various Post-its on the walls.

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For those who use one or the other paper, I don't know if it will be as useful as that; but thinking mainly about project managers who work with quick development methodologies and use a lot of Post-its to drive them, be very useful. So I decided to test the app and I confess that it surprised me.

The proposal is to simply digitize the Post-its, allowing you to organize and also share / export the digitized material in an organized way, via PDF, PowerPoint, Excel or compressed images without forgetting, of course, the possibility of sharing everything with another Post-it Plus application , so your friends organize themselves in the way that suits you.

With this app it is much easier to share the ideas of a meeting with people including those who did not participate, as you can explore item by item noted.

Here, I didn’t take a very good photo, not even that close, and even so, it was possible to recognize most Post-its. I was really surprised! Those he does not recognize automatically you can manually touch the place he is in the image and it will be recognized; if it is still difficult to recognize, it is possible to draw on the image the content of the Post-it so that it is recognized.

This one I liked, and you? Comment below on your experience or how you take advantage of the app can be useful for other readers!

(via TechCrunch)