Possible schematic drawing of the

Possible “iPhone 7” documentation points to purely cosmetic speaker openings

It is probably time to stop repeating that the “IPhone 7” it’s in full swing, or you’ll soon get bored of the cliché, but here we are again. Today, the French website NWE has published images of what may be a technical drawing of the upcoming Apple smartphone, and he gives us (more) some tips of what we will see in September.

Possible schematic drawing of the

The image above obviously should not be taken as real without a doubt, after all, anyone makes a drawing like this and prints without much difficulty; anyway, according to the website, it was recovered from one of Apple’s production lines in China – no one wanted to specify whether it came from Foxconn or Pegatron, however.

The most relevant information taken from the piece of paper has to do with the speakers of the next iPhone. So far the speculation would be that, with the end of the headphone output, Apple would adopt a symmetrical design on the bottom of the device, with the same number of holes for audio output on each side of the Lightning port – and a high double, stereo speaker.

For the leaked scheme destroys all this rumor by suggesting that the openings to the left of the Lightning entrance are purely cosmetic – only one of them would be used for a microphone, and all the others would be there only for the sake of visual symmetry. And the iPhone would still have a mono speaker. This solution, by the way, is similar to that adopted in the iPhone SE.

In addition, nothing new under the sun of rumors: the design indicates redesigned antennas and a larger camera module are there, practically “confirming” the veracity of these items.

[via iClarified]