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Possible inspirations for creating the Google Chrome logo [humor]

You should probably be tired of reading about Chrome here at Google Discovery, at MacMagazine, at the Internet generation and even (pause for breathing) in Brogui. Anyway, I have great news for you: this is another post about Chrome and it probably won’t be the last. =)

Among so many details of Chrome one caught a lot of attention: the logo. Many people tried to find the answers about possible Google inspirations to create it, below is a compilation of the possible emotional and visual factors that may have entered the Google team’s ideas spreadsheet.

Was it based on the Thinkfree Office logo?

Chrome SimilarAlthough it is not the official Thinkfree logo, this visual art appears in the application installation window.

Based on the Rede Record logo?

chrome ianIan Black also made his attempt. It will be?

For sure with Pokemon elements:chrome pokemonAn attempt made by the user Cole h on Flickr.

Or a mixture of elements?

chrome blogoscopedPhilipp Lenssen from Blogoscoped too tried to imagine possible influences.

Perhaps the Windows logo is the final answer:

chrome vistaImagined by Harry McCracken.

Post inspired by the article Digital Inspiration. Nice Amit!