Smart Home (casa conectada)

Positivo launches platform for home automation with a focus on cost-benefit

Practical and wireless solutions from Positivo Casa Inteligente are easy to install and can be triggered by a single mobile application or voice commands

THE Positive Technology announced, last Thursday (25), a series of smart products with a focus on cost-benefit. Named Positive Smart Home, the platform, with solutions based on Internet of Things (IoT), involves several kits and products aimed at security, efficiency and automation of homes and commercial establishments, such as lamps, security cameras and Wi-Fi sensors. Prices start at R $ 79.00.

Altogether, 3 kits will be sold, with several smart products that can be accessed via Wi-Fi, through the Positive. O Safe House Kit it has presence sensors, alarms and sensors for monitoring and opening doors and windows; O Connected Home Kit aims to make a connection between devices and home products, containing Wi-Fi lamp, smart plug for sockets and universal infrared control; and lastly, the Efficient Home Kit contains two smart lamps and two plugs.

The platform Positive Smart Home it also offers two camera models that detect movement and generate images in very high definition. The functionality of all solutions can be accessed from a single mobile application or through the Google Assistant, Google's virtual assistant.

Positivo's smart platform arrives to compete, initially, with IntelbrasPositivo's smart platform arrives to compete, initially, with Intelbras

The segment of Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to move US $ 745 billion worldwide in 2019, with the potential to exceed US $ 1 rail in 2022, according to data from IDC, a market intelligence and consulting company in the technology and telecommunications industries. According to research carried out by Positive Technology, Brazilians, mainly from the middle class, have a high need for security and interest in more connected homes and commercial establishments.

With Positivo Casa Inteligente, we are democratizing the Internet of Things in Brazil by offering solutions for security and automation that facilitate people's routine, in addition to making their environments more efficient and connected.

Hlio Bruck Rotenberg, CEO of Positivo Tecnologia

Most advanced device solution IoT for homes and commercial establishments available in Brazil, the Positive Smart Home aims to simplify the lives of consumers, in addition to allowing greater control of the routine. The products are very easy to install. After connecting them, just download the application from Positive Smart Home, available for Android and iOS.

Products may be sold in separate kits and devicesProducts may be sold in separate kits and devices

Then, the user must create a profile and then connect the devices to the Wi-Fi network. In the application Positive Smart Home It is possible to view, live, the images captured by the cameras, to receive alerts of movements occurred in the monitored environments, to trigger alarms, to program the operation time of household appliances, to change the color and light intensity of the smart lamps, in addition to other functions.

People want to have their homes or businesses safe and protected from theft. They want to feel that they are close to their family members and pets, from anywhere in the world and at any time. Through the application, they can adjust the lighting, turn on the television, turn off the air conditioning and monitor the energy consumption of any appliance connected to Positivo Casa Inteligente solutions. In addition to making sure that they have not forgotten any open window or connected iron. You will control the house with the spanking by hand.

Jos Ricardo Tobias, head of Positivo Casa Inteligente

The command of the products also occurs with voice interaction from cell phones or smart speakers, due to the partnership with Google and the availability of the Google Assistant. Alessandro Germano, Director of Business Development for Latin America at Google Assistant, says all the features of the Google assistant will be in the solutions of Positivo Casa Inteligente to make the experience of turning on the light with the voice even more complete and accessible.

Portflio Positivo Smart Home

Kit allows you to keep your home connected and, at the same time, safeKit allows you to keep your home connected and, at the same time, safe

In addition to quality, price, uncomplicated and wireless installation, Positive Smart Home differentials are the configuration and specification features. O “Kit Casa Segura” an intelligent alarm solution, with activity alert by the app and online monitoring of the sensors. THE Smart Camera 360 Wi-Fi, for example, it covers entire environments in rotation on both axes, in addition to following movements.

It also allows viewing of images even in the dark, has bidirectional audio and 8x digital zoom. O Smart Plug Wi-Fi bivolt and supports maximum electrical current of 10A. In addition to remotely turning the appliances on or off, the Smart Plug monitors the power consumption of the devices.

O Smart Universal Control a solution that makes it possible to concentrate the various remote controls and control all infrared equipment in the same environment, whether by voice or application. Another product of the new solutions platform Positive Smart Home The Smart Wi-Fi Lamp, which, in addition to 16 million shades of color, has intensity control and useful life of 25 thousand hours.

The kits and products are available in the main electronics stores, hypermarkets and home centers in Brazil, as well as on the official website of Positivo Casa Inteligente. Prices vary between R $ 99 and R $ 499. Find out below the main features and benefits of Positivo Casa Inteligente solutions:

Kit Casa Segura: from R $ 499

Easy to install, completely wireless and with Wi-Fi connection, it has a configurable and programmable alarm, control and alerts by the cell phone application, in addition to online monitoring of the status of motion sensors, opening of doors, windows and drawers. The kit contains:

  • 1 motion sensor;
  • 2 sensors to monitor;
  • Opening doors, windows and drawers;
  • 1 alarm;
  • 1 remote control.

Connected House Kit: from R $ 349

Allows you to connect remote controls for TV, home theater and stereo, in addition to controlling appliances connected to the Smart Plug. By voice command or by cell phone, you can turn the Smart Lamp on or off, in addition to choosing the light intensity and color options. The kit contains:

  • 1 Smart Universal Control;
  • 1 Smart Wi-Fi Lamp;
  • 1 Smart Plug Wi-Fi.

Efficient Home Kit: from R $ 449

Monitors power consumption, turns on or off electrical appliances connected to the plug and controls lighting in a practical and efficient way. The kit contains:

  • 2 Smart Wi-Fi Lamps;
  • 2 Wi-Fi Smart Plug.

See also the main features and specifications of each product of the solution Positive Smart Home:

Smart Camera 360 Wi-Fi

Positivo 360 Wi-Fi Camera
  • Full HD image;
  • Wi-Fi connection;
  • 360 rotation;
  • Enhanced night vision;
  • Detection and monitoring of movements in monitored environments;
  • birecional audio;
  • 8x zoom;
  • Control by the Positivo Smart House app.

Smart Camera Wi-Fi

Positivo Smart Camera
  • Full HD image;
  • Wi-Fi connection;
  • Night vision;
  • Motion detection;
  • bidirectional audio;
  • 8 x zoom;
  • Control by the Positivo Smart House app.

Smart Universal Control

Smart Universal Control
  • Control of multiple infrared devices;
  • Wi-Fi connection;
  • Commands TV, set-top box, sound, air conditioning, among others;
  • Coverage of 360 and up to 10 m;
  • Control by the Positivo Casa Inteligente app;
  • Command by voice assistant.

Smart Plug Wi-Fi

Positive Smart Plug
  • Remote control of household appliances;
  • Monitoring of energy consumption;
  • Connects directly to Wi-Fi router;
  • Timer and programmable scheduling;
  • Control by the Positivo Casa Inteligente app;
  • Command by voice assistant.

Smart Central:

Smart Central (alarm)
  • Configurable and programmable alarm;
  • Control by the Positivo Casa Inteligente app;
  • Command by voice assistant;
  • Built-in siren;
  • Backup battery in case of power failure.

Motion sensor

Positive motion sensor
  • Online status monitoring;
  • Distance of up to 70 meters from the control panel;
  • Detection distance up to 7 meters;
  • Easy and wireless installation.

Aperture sensor

Positive aperture sensor
  • Detects opening doors and windows;
  • Online status monitoring;
  • Distance of up to 70 m from the control panel;
  • Easy and wireless installation.

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