Portuguese technology is helping the population of Namibia to receive government support without leaving home

Portuguese technology is helping the population of Namibia to receive government support without leaving home

The African continent has not been the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are several circulation restrictions imposed by countries. In Nambia, the Portuguese company specializing in digital services, Readiness IT, participated in an initiative that helped more than 2.5 million people to benefit from government economic support without leaving home, avoiding unnecessary contacts.

In Nambia, the Government has taken steps to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus and ensure the health and well-being of citizens. In this context, which may aggravate financial difficulties, the Ministry of Finance has developed a program of economic support for the population and, through a single emergency income, all people who are in a vulnerable situation due to the pandemic are supported by the State.

The Portuguese company supported the operator Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) in the implementation of this action, in a process that takes less than five minutes to be completed by citizens, guarantees Readiness IT in a statement. To do this, access to a mobile phone is required.

As the company explains, the system consists of sending SMS to the service number and introducing some requested data, such as personal and bank details, which are subsequently analyzed and validated by the system. In the end, a verification process is carried out, which confirms whether the person is able to receive state financial support. If you have access to this support, the financial support of the citizen is transferred from the Government to the bank account.

Readiness IT, a company based in Porto and with offices in Portugal, Chile, and New Zealand, has more than 400 employees working remotely. Through his services, he contributed to the economic aid to millions of citizens in Nambia, in addition to supporting MTC in dealing with "the excess network traffic and overloaded systems". Now the number of transactions exceeds 1,500 per minute, he guarantees.

Portugal seems to be well positioned when it comes to the responses it has developed to combat COVID-19. According to the OECD, of the 148 differentiating responses worldwide, 17 are Portuguese, which corresponds to about 11% of the total.