Portuguese technology ensures backups on Windows Mobile

This week, the new backups from Microsoft for Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 systems. The technology was developed in Portugal and is one of the visible results of Microsoft’s acquisition of Mobicomp last year.

“Version 1.1 comes on from the launch of version 1.0 in February, as a result of the acquisition of MobiComp. The development of My Phone started right after the acquisition and takes advantage of a wide range of assets from the acquisition of MobiComp” explained to TeK Carlos Oliveira, Director of the Microsoft Research and Development Center and former president of Mobicomp.

71 people were involved in the development of the service, a number that corresponds to that of the engineering team at the R&D center.

MyPhone allows you to register contacts, videos, photos, calendar, messages and other content for an account online free access, which offers a storage space of 200 megabytes.

Carlos Oliveira

In addition to backup information, the service also allows you to edit, update or delete mobile phone information from the browser. If the user wants, the synchronization with the mobile phone can be automatic, in which case it will be done once a day.

The service is available in 25 languages ​​and can also be a tool to help find lost equipment, making use of GPS features, the connection to the mobile network or the IP address, if there is an active Internet connection.

The final version will be launched with the new version of Windows Mobile, scheduled for the second half of this year and as Carlos Oliveira admits “there may be some additional premium features in the future”.