Portuguese teachers believe more in ICT creativity

A European study on creativity and innovation in schools shows that 94% of teachers believe that these are fundamental skills to be developed in the educational space and that Information and Communication Technologies are an important driver.

Computers, educational software, video and online collaboration tools, interactive whiteboards and online study material are considered by 80% of teachers to be very relevant. Portuguese teachers are among those who attach more importance to these tools.

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This is the first study carried out on creativity and innovation in schools and was presented at a conference in Stockholm that took place in the past two days. The document can also be consulted online.

The vast majority of teachers also believe that creativity can be applied to all fields of knowledge and not just traditional ones related to the arts.

Despite these conclusions, only half of the teachers say that creativity has an important role in their curriculum, a rate that is quite high in Portugal.

Given the importance of ICT in creativity and innovation, training also plays a key role. Six out of 10 European teachers claim to have received training in innovative teaching techniques, but only 36% did so specifically in the use of technologies in the classroom.