Portuguese spend more data and use smartphone more in voice calls

Portuguese spend more data and use smartphone more in voice calls

Even confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Portuguese use communications on smartphones more than the landline. According to Anacom, mobile voice traffic is seven times higher than fixed traffic. And although in general voice traffic grew by 17% compared to the previous pandemic period, there was an increase of 33% in fixed and 16% in mobile.

Data traffic recorded an increase of 63%, with fixed line increasing 68% and mobile decreasing 2%. The regulator claims that 95% of data traffic is now based on fixed networks. During the week of April 13-19, the average weekly traffic for each user was 20 minutes for fixed voice, 64 minutes for mobile voice, 40 GB of fixed data and only 0.8 GB of mobile data.

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The regulator states that the number of accesses at a fixed location increased by 0.4%, but the furniture fell between 3.1% and 1.1% depending on the type of access. Still relative to last week, voice traffic fell 4%, mobile data dropped 6%, but the fixed internet movement increased 0.5%.

Anacom obtained these indicators from weekly surveys that it is conducting on the communications services, in order to monitor the activity of the sector during the isolation of the pandemic.