Portuguese Readiness IT closes millionaire deal with Vlocity / Salesforce

Last week's cancellation of the Mobile World Congress prevented thousands of potential deals from being made, as well as companies showing their news and products. This setback did not prevent Readness IT, a national company based in Porto, from entering into a partnership deal with what is considered one of the largest IT companies in the world, Vlocity / Salesforce, based in So Francisca, specialist in Cloud solutions on the ecosystem Salesforce.

Readness IT, founded in 2015, focuses on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtelecommunications, and according to the same already considered one of the best in the world to operate in Order Management, designated as the core in the architecture of any telecommunications operator. The company is at the forefront in offering digital transformation services and user experience, through the development of accelerators and new digital solutions.

tek adrito Adrito Ferreira started by leading 25 people when Readness IT opened its doors in 2015. Today it has 400 employees and offices on three continents.

The company, led by Adrito Ferreira, estimates over the next three years to invoice more than 10 million euros, just under this new partnership. In addition to deepening his knowledge of Vlocity's solutions, he will also be responsible for the integration of systems across South America, in the areas of Telecommunications and Media.

Adrito Ferreira states in a statement that the proposal discussed covered other geographies and demonstrates well the confidence they place in us, but we chose to follow our motto of think big, start small, scale fast, ensuring that current and future services are of excellence and expand in the near future to a global positioning. In addition to the offices in Portugal (Porto, Lisbon and Fundo), the company has a presence in New Zealand and Chile, foreseeing the opening of a new space in 2020 in the United States: "There was an intention to settle in the United States of America, mainly to support clients in North America and Canada. Now we are going to do it, with a more focused scope on Outsystems and cover other competencies like Vlocity / Salesforce, being just at this moment in discussion in which city we will be installed ", he adds.

In this sense, the company intends to hire and train new employees, to create internal teams, based on its development model, what it calls Systems Ninjas.

Still in the aftermath of the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress, the company reports that the companies were harmed, and in its case, it had already made investments: creation of its own stand with seven employees, demonstrations of solutions and meetings scheduled with very important global companies. Fortunately, the partnership with Vlocity has materialized, "but there are other businesses in progress and with more companies that would also be at MWC". The company is now using other means to promote itself, such as social media and the company's website.

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