Portuguese teams

Portuguese junior champions at RoboCup

The Portuguese teams JESS.isr.uc.pt and Rescue.deec.uc.pt have just become world champions in the modalities of “search and rescue” and “robotic dance”, at RoboCup Júnior 2010, which runs until tomorrow, in Singapore.

The groups comprise students from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra and secondary schools in the region. Beatriz Gonçalves, João Seabra and João Pedro Silveira came first, ex aequo with a HongKong team, in the “Rescue B” test – a novelty in RoboCup Júnior, which aims to simulate a real search and rescue situation and “consisted of using a robot to navigate a maze and find victims (through the heat) “, explains FCTUC in a statement.

The dance event was won by the team composed by Samuel Nunes, Joana Carneiro, Sara Moutinho and Adriana Martins, who thus collect the title of World Robotic Dance Champions (from 14 to 19 years old).

The participants were trained by the FCTUC Robotics Club, which is dedicated to disseminating the learning of the different aspects of Robotics, both in the construction of platforms, as well as in the programming and control of robots. “It was the culmination of a year of intense work on the part of the Robotics Club students, not only for those who participated in the World Championship, but also for all those connected to the project”, says the team coordinator, Tiago Caldeira.

The competition dedicated to the youngest, is part of the world robotics championship, RoboCup, where there are also several national teams competing, which TeK has had the opportunity to present previously.

Portuguese teams