Portuguese creates app with information about free shows broadcast online

Portuguese creates app with information about free shows broadcast online

We Are Live was the name chosen by Lus Mendes Amado, Portuguese resident in Poland, for an application launched in times of social distance imposed by the outbreak of COVID-19 that affects the whole world.

It was during his own quarantine that the 25-year-old, Human Resources and Payroll supervisor at an international company, decided to learn how to develop applications for mobile devices. The result also reflects a need of the moment, due to the multiplication of live videostreamings that we have seen in recent weeks.

In the case of We Are Live, the objective is to bring together in one application all the free lives in areas such as music, fitness and comedy, which pass on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

After the free download, a touch on the screen is enough to directly access the desired event, always categorized, without the need for login, passwords and other complications.

The app automatically adapts to each user's time zone, without having to calculate time differences, thus avoiding shuffles and the consequent loss of the event.

The idea came up after noticing that the number of live streams started to increase and I was not managing to organize myself to see those I was interested in, as they were in different places, he told SAPO TEK.

We Are Live took only about 15 hours to develop and during the availability process, the most complicated step was submitting to the Play Store, the only mobile store where, for the time being, it exists. There are a number of rules that have to be followed and approval by Google took about five days.

However, there is a new version on the way, which includes new features and which will also be available for iOS. It will be possible to filter the events by category and language, says Lus Mendes Amado.

Additionally, starting this Thursday, April 9th, content creators will be able to "register" their events live on the weareliveapp website, so that they will then be available from the application and reach more people.