Graph provided by Cetelem

Portuguese are those who spend the most on computers

“The progression of sales and netbooks did not prevent the sharp fall in the IT market in 2009 “, concludes a study by Cetelem, which attests a drop of 8 percent, compared to the previous year, in average IT spending in the group of eight European countries targeted by the analysis.

In the national territory, the average annual expenditure on IT articles increased from 171 euros in 2008 to 141 euros in 2009. Even so, the country still has the highest purchase intentions for 2010, with 22 percent of residents intending to purchase computer material this year.

Despite the recession, Portugal also continued to be one of the countries where families reserved a larger budget for this type of goods during 2009, reveals the comparative analysis provided by the company.

Although Spain is the country where families have, on average, the largest budget for technology, Portugal stands to gain in the analysis of budgets in equivalent income – which means that between a Portuguese and a Spanish family who have the same purchasing power, the Portuguese woman spends more on computers.

While the Spaniards present average family budgets for technology in the order of 199 euros, the Portuguese do not go beyond 141. But if we look at the analysis, it takes into account the income equivalences, the Portuguese average goes to 167 euros, rising to first in the table , followed by Hungary (148) and only Spain (153).

Families in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary spent an average of 162 euros on computer products over the past year, with Slovakia and the Czech Republic standing out as the countries whose residents least dedicate to computing: 28 and 45 euros (on average) per year, respectively.

Even in the analysis that takes into account the levels of income and purchasing power of the inhabitants, these households remain the ones that least spend, although the values ​​rise to an average of 36 euros in Slovakia and 47 in the Czech Republic.

Graph provided by Cetelem