Portuguese ahead of spending on consumer electronics

It was already known that the Portuguese have a high interest in consumer electronics products and not even the economic crisis affects purchase intentions. A study by Observer Cetelem shows that Portuguese families are among those that most invested in consumer electronics in 2009, both in real terms and when comparing the purchasing power of each country.

According to this analysis, households spent an average of 274 euros on products for TV, Hi-fi and Video in 2009, a figure that was exceeded only in France, where families spent 267 euros. The average of the 8 countries analyzed in this study was 190 euros.

Taking into account the purchasing power of each country, Portugal also ranks first on the podium, with 325 euros consumed, ahead of France with 211 euros and Germany with 163 euros.

cetelem chart

Globally, the crisis affected the consumer electronics sector, which in 2009 fell more than 6% after several years of continuous growth. In Portugal the market lost 5.5% and in 2009 it was worth 1.07 billion euros.

For 2009, the Cetelem study also points to the maintenance of intentions to purchase consumer electronics by the Portuguese, who, along with the Italians and Poles, are the ones who have the most desire to fill their homes with these products.

The Observer Cetelem study is an annual publication promoted by the BNP Paribas Personal Finance Group, which was extended to Portugal in 2000 and is present in countries such as Brazil, Slovakia, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy and the Czech Republic.