Portugal joins the group of Moderate Innovators

At a time when bad news prevails, the 2008 European Innovation Scoreboard provides a positive picture of Portugal’s position in terms of innovation among the 27 EU member states. According to this ranking, Portugal is now in 17th position, having joined the group of “Moderate Innovators” after years in the group of stragglers, called “Catching-up”.

Inovation Scoreboard

“We are converging on the conditions to create wealth, which will anticipate other convergences that the country aspires to,” defended Carlos Zorrinho, Coordinator of the Technological Plan, today, at a press conference to present the results.

Carlos Zorrinho highlighted the various indicators in which Portugal ranked well in this indicator that measures innovation in Europe and the relative position of the EU vis-Ă -vis other countries, highlighting the rise of 5 positions in the list, but also the fact that Portugal is the 5th country with greater relative progress. The improvements were felt mainly in the qualification of human resources but also in the indicator of the economic impact of innovation.

The importance of public policies, especially the Technological Plan that is now felt in this ranking that includes data from 2006 and 2007, and partnerships with civil society and institutions such as COTEC, were also highlighted by Carlos Zorrinho.

For the Technological Plan coordinator, these results now achieved are to maintain and improve. “We are strongly convinced that the dynamics captured in this ranking are not occasional. It reflects structural changes. […] We have very strong convictions that in the coming years we will have better results “, he stresses.