Portugal increasingly accesses the web on the smartphone. Mobile broadband traffic grew by 36.8%

The most recent ANACOM report shows that, in 2019, mobile broadband Internet access (BLM) traffic recorded an increase of 36.8% over the previous year. The data of the communication regulatory body make it known that the Portuguese access more and more web through the smartphone. Compared to 2018, the value grew by 44%. Accesses via PC, tablet, pen or router accounted for an increase of 23%.

ANACOM report data

With regard to BLM traffic, ANACOM indicates that the indicator recorded an average annual growth of 46% between 2015 and 2019, being associated with an average increase of 76.3% in accesses via mobile phone and 16.5% via other devices. In 2019, each BLM user consumed, on average, 3.8 GB per month, a total increase of 28.2% compared to 2018.

ANACOM report data

Regarding the market structure, MEO continued to be the provider with the highest share (41.9%) of active mobile accesses with actual use, despite the decrease in the share of 0.6 percentage points. This is followed by Vodafone and NOS with shares of 30.3% and 25.4%.

In the case of the share of subscribers to mobile Internet access, MEO's share was 38.4%, followed by Vodafone with 30.3% and NOS with 29.2%. In terms of traffic in BLM, NOS holds the highest share, with 42.5%, followed by Vodafone and MEO, with 28.7% and 28.3%, respectively.

ANACOM report data

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