Portugal in 20th in the countries with more viruses

September is the month with the highest level of virus infections in Portugal this year, warns PandaLabs that it detected a global increase of 15% in the number of computers infected with malware in a month-to-month comparison. The infection rate is now 59%, the highest this year.

For Portugal, the average number of infections is 49.6%, a figure below the average, but which nonetheless places the country in 20th on the list of those with the highest number of viruses.

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According to the PandaLabs ranking, Taiwan is the country with the highest infection rate, registering a ratio of 69.1%, while Norway has the lowest rate, with 39.6%.

Luis Corrons, Technical Director of PandaLabs, reiterates that there is a false sense of security, as users believe that there is no real danger at this time. “When they are infected, they rarely notice any symptoms”, adds this person in charge.

Data for Portugal indicate that more than half of computers are infected with Trojans, followed by adware and worms as the most prevalent threats.

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“The great value regarding the number of Trojans in circulation is due to the spectacular increase in the number of banker Trojans destined to steal data”, recalls Luis Corrons who guarantees that hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, exploiting the news to launch attacks through social networks, videos or email.

Editor’s Note: The news was updated with the most accurate indication of the values ​​for Portugal.