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Portland, New York and London public transport will accept Apple Pay

A few months ago, Ma announced an Apple Pay-related news that made life much easier for citizens of major cities around the world: Apple Pay TransitIt's a simple way to pay for your subway, bus, train, or any compatible mode. Simply set up your public transport card, available in select cities / transports, and use your iPhone or Apple Watch to instantly register your ticket purchase.

The feature was initially made available in cities in Japan (with a Swiss card), in addition to Beijing and Shanghai (in China, using public transport cards from the respective cities); Now this mode is reaching three more big cities: Portland, New York and London.

In Portland, Apple Pay users can now connect the platform to their Hop Fastpass cards to use a digital version of them and pay for Portland Streetcar trams, TriMet trains and buses and C-Tran buses that go to Vancouver (Washington).

In New York, more public transport stations will gain integration with the system as we reported, some city subway stations had already received new Apple Pay compatible turnstiles a few months ago. Beginning tomorrow (31/5), travelers will be able to use the Ma system on Staten Island buses and on subway lines 4, 5 and 6 between Manhattan's Grand Central Station and Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center, in Brooklyn.

In London, the resource will be made available in the coming months, as reported by Transport for London. There is no more information on what modalities the novelty will receive and how it will be implemented, but considering that the London public transport system is all governed by one and the same, it is expected that it will be fully integrated with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay without express public transport mode

Apple Pay has two transportation-related payment modes.

Some cities like Rio de Janeiro with MetrRio choose to simply integrate their public transportation systems with the Apple Pay you already know; This way, you pay your ticket directly with your credit card (in the case of MetrRio, so far only Visa cards) registered in the service, simply authenticating everything with the Face ID or Touch ID and going through the turnstile.

This way of operating, although greatly simplifying life, has some disadvantages: you can not, for example, enjoy the cards of their own transport (in this case, the Cute card of the Metrrio itself or the Single Ticket).

Apple Pay with express public transport mode

Some locations, on the other hand, allow you to register your public transport cards or your good old credit card with Wallet using the express public transport mode.

And what is the big difference of this modality? With express public mode enabled, you don't need to validate using Face ID, Touch ID, or access code when paying for travel with Apple Pay on your iPhone and Apple Watch by simply touching it to the terminal and going through the roulette wheel.

In New York, for example, it will not be possible (yet) to use a public transport card, but users may from tomorrow on set up an eligible credit card in express public transport mode and pass through the roulette wheel without even having to do so. authentication just by touching the iPhone to the terminal.

To do this, I need to choose a public transportation card or an eligible credit card and set it up the right way by activating the public transport mode expressed for the new card this Apple support article explains how.

You can even have one credit card and one public transport card enabled for the express public transport mode in the same city. If shipping accepts both forms of payment, the public shipping card will be automatically selected by the payment terminal. Obviously, you can change the associated cards or deactivate the mode and reuse everything in the traditional way, authenticating via Face / Touch ID.

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Unfortunately, this mode is not yet available in Brazil in MetrRio, for example, it is possible to pay but without using such a mode. Here is the hope that the resource will expand as quickly as possible to other locations including, of course, our country.

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