popularity of Plus models is on the rise and Apple will have work with the next version

Analysis of the base of active iPhones in the USA proves: popularity of Plus models is on the rise and Apple will have work with the next version

The firm specializing in market research Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) released today (PDF) an analysis of Apple’s financial results released this week, and among the most interesting parts is a deep analysis on the basis of iPhones active in the United States.

With it, we can draw some important conclusions about the current state of Apple’s most profitable and important line and what are your expectations for the future.

CIRP graphic of iPhones in use in the USA

First, the absolute numbers: they are approximately 132 million active iPhones today in the USA.

Of these, the newly launched iPhones 7 and 7 Plus j consist of 19% of the total (25 million), while the 6 and 6 Plus still represent the majority of devices on American soil: there are 51 million units, or about 38%.

It is good to note that, although iPhones 7/7 Plus had an immediate penetration higher than the 6s / 6s Plus in the previous year in the previous survey, the newly launched 6s represented 17% of the total, it is still well behind the iPhones absolute record holders 6/6 Plus, which, in December 2014, already took 30% of the base of active iPhones (which may explain the fact that these models still represent the majority of devices in the country).

Although the numbers are not discouraging, one factor can put an extra pressure on Apple in the task of designing the next iPhone: as the survey says, a significant portion of iPhone owners in the U.S.

today over 50% have a device launched from the end from 2014 onwards.

With the (already proven) increase in the average user’s smartphone renewal cycle, it will be a challenge for Ma to make an ?iPhone 8? (or whatever its name) that has enough attractions to attract the attention of this clientele who, most likely, you are still quite satisfied with your two year olds or less.

Changing the subject a little, it is interesting to note the growing popularity of large devices.

Yes, Steve Jobs got it wrong: while the proportion of iPhones ?Plus? was 25% in last year’s survey, this year they already represent 35% of the active base, a significant increase and that shows no signs of slowing down.

Could it be the bigger battery, the double camera or the hands of the people who are growing up? The fact that the big screen trend is here to stay, whether we like it or not.

(via Apple World Today)