Popular pirate streaming service, Popcorntime.io permanently disabled

Popular pirate streaming service, Popcorntime.io permanently disabled

Popcorn Time, also known as Pirate Netflix, has gained worldwide fame by using clever cunning to stream movies and shows for free. Using the P2P protocol, titles available on the service were transmitted to users not through a central server, but through various other computers around the world. This made the withdrawal of the air service virtually impossible and, by the way, popularized it worldwide due to its ease of use.

Of course, the Popcorn Time drew the attention of intellectual and copyright protection agencies, such as the MPAA, which soon tried to take down the service. For being open source and having your source code available for free on GitHub, it wasn't long before forks, or variations of the program, appeared on the internet. The most famous of these was Popcorntime.io, which included streaming the most popular US and English TV series. Even after the extinction of the original Popcorn Time, Popcorntime.io remained firm and strong. At least until the end of last week.

popcorn main
Service down permanently. / Popcorn Time

Disagreements among developers have created a climate of instability in the team and a widespread stampede of members. Developer Sv244 wrote in the service forum the reason for his departure. According to him, his formal work was becoming a background. He was devoting a lot of time and energy to the Popcorn Time. He was responsible for applying the service to Android TV.

Developer Sammuel86, responsible for the desktop version of the service, also reported his departure and said his participation was no longer legally or morally viable. According to himself, Popcorn Time has changed a lot since his arrival. In addition to the two already mentioned, phnz and KsaRedFX also officialized the output of the service development team.

Apparently, the major source of trouble and disagreement was the union of the service with VPN.ht. This agreement generated a good source of revenue for the service, but also of problems. Some of the members did not agree with this attitude. For them, Popcorn Time should not be a source of profit, but should provide free entertainment and culture to users. In addition, the fact that Popcorn Time developers were profiting from the application could generate even more hatred from the MPAA and the producers, who would now be effectively losing money to Popcorn Time.

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Greed killed the pirate service? / Popcorn Time

Dissenting programmers planned to go out and create a new fork, this time totally independent of the aforementioned VPN. When this information reached the ears of team leader Wally, the dissenting developers tried to control the service, but to no avail. As a result, they had their respective Slack and GitHub accounts disabled.

This weekend the domain of the service started to oscillate a lot. It turns out that the domain was registered in the name of one of the members who left the team. He, in turn, attacked Popcorn Time's DNS server.

The provider that was used, Gandi.net, noting the instabilities, decided to take the domain down until everything normalized. The remaining team tried to convince the provider that they were responsible for the service, but to no avail. Gandi.net declined to include new administrators in the infrastructure without the permission of the domain owner. Now when trying to access the "popcorntime.io" domain, we only see a message stating that the domain is registered with Gandi.net.

popcorn time
Address no longer exists. / ANDROIDPIT

Thus, after several attempts to solve the problems, Wally told Torrent Freak that he shut down all servers and deleted logs that could harm any of the programmers. This way, Popcorn Time's best-known fork went off, most likely permanently.

And you, what do you think about Popcorn Time? Do you consider the service to be legal or do you think pirate services really should cease to exist? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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