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Popcorn Time: A Pirate Netflix [atualizado]

Netflix is ​​a hit in Brazil, it offers a great deal of content for an affordable price. Now, however, comes a competitor from Buenos Aires: the Popcorn Time. Free, with movies that barely made it out of the movies (in some cases, still playing), HD and subtitles in multiple languages, and all that free.

popcorn moods
Popcorn Time

The similarities to Netflix are many: just find a movie you want to watch, click on it, check out the subtitle options and click "WATCH NOW", you're done, you watch the movie of your choice. bittorrent streaming. After a few seconds of loading, the movie begins; O playback has had very few pauses, but I think a good and consistent broadband connection is essential for that. I had problems with subtitles in Portuguese, which in some cases was out of sync and unfortunately could not change subtitles file.

popcorn main
Home screen / Popcorn Time

The big difference for paid services is in source of movies: those from Popcorn Time come from YIFY, a well-known high quality movie uploader, it also means the service is not exactly legal. Another important differential is catalog itself: from releases like Dallas Shopping Club and Capito Phillips, to classics like JFK, The Pianist and 2001, to Harry Potter, Thor and Click, we've got a whole lot. Most English movies, but subtitles are usually available on multiple languages.

The program is available for beta download for Windows, OS X and Linux through the official site and I must say, it is very good: the ease of use and the speed with which it is possible to select a movie and watch it make Popcorn become, in a few hours, my favorite mode of watching movies; You no longer need to go to a torent site such as ThePirateBay or KickAss, browse for the movie, download the .torrent file, wait for the download to finish, search for subtitles to finally watch it in another program. In addition, it comes with open code, meaning it can be ported to other devices such as Apple TV or other set-boxes. There are no plans for a mobile version of the app.

popcorn logo
Popcorn Time

Of course there is a huge one here, watching movies on Popcorn Time, most of the time, illegal. As always, AndroidPIT neither supports nor promotes piracy and is not responsible for any legal issues that the use of the application may bring. It also means that soon, Hollywood studios and distributors will soon come to Popcorn Time's head, although the need for such a program to exist is caused exactly by studios and distributors: while movies take so long to reach Netflix and Amazon Instant of life, Many people will look for them elsewhere.

Update: And shortly, the developers announced the end of Popcorn Time. (thanks Verena | Photography)

What is the best way to watch movies (outside the movie theater, of course)?

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