Popcorn on the supposed MacBookPro6,1 benchmark network with Intel Core i7 chip

If you are waiting for an update on the MacBooks Pro line, good news: things are heating up.

Last month, Intel “missed” an ad revealing an MBP model with a Core i5 chip; now, popped into the network the benchmark of a model that doesn't exist in Apple's current line of professional laptops, running a Core i7 chip dual-core 2.66GHz.

Check out the respective page on Geekbench:

MacBookPro6.1 benchmark

The data shows that the alleged MacBook Pro Core i7 M 620 (one of the “Arrandale” chips launched by Intel at CES 2010) would be running a non-released version of Mac OS X 10.6.2 (with build 10C3067) and a BIOS MBP61.88Z.004C.B00.1001251657.

The 5,260 score scares (positively), since the current MacBooks Pro are all in the range of 3,700 to 4,000 points.

Of course, some funny person may have falsified this data and / or the entire Geekbench page, so consider the novelty as a mere rumor.

In addition, she is very encouraging.

(via TUAW)