Pop! _OS 19.10 is released based on the newest Ubuntu

Pop! _OS is one of Ubuntu's child distros that has been doing well in this sea of ​​distributions to choose from. Now with a new version in the market.

Ubuntu 19.10 was released a week ago, and your daughters have already started updating (aside from the official flavors), with Pop! _OS doing their part. In its official blog, System76 announced the news present.

The news began with the update of the themes, which now has a Dark version of the standard theme of Pop! _OS, they are:

A new Dark Mode is available for Pop! _OS in Appearance Settings. Light and Dark modes feature higher contrast colors using a neutral color palette that is easy on the eyes.

Dark Mode functionality has been expanded to include the shell, providing a more consistently dark aesthetic across the desktop. If you are using the User Themes extension to set the shell theme, disable it to use the new integrated switcher (switch) between light and dark mode.

The default theme in Pop! _OS was rebuilt based on the Adwaita. Although users may notice only a slight difference in their widgets, the new operating system theme provides significant measures to prevent application themes from crashing on the user interface. This break manifests itself in the application as missing or misaligned text, broken widgets, and scaling errors, and should not occur with the new theme in place.

The updated theme includes a new set of modernized sound effects. Users will now hear a sound effect when connecting and disconnecting a USB or charging cable. The sound effect to adjust the volume has been removed.

Gnome has also been updated and is now in version 3.34, as an update in the Kernel version, now going to version 5.3, improved Wayland support.

The process of upgrading to a new system version has changed. They used as an example, from Pop! _OS 19.04 to 19.10:

To upgrade to version 19.10 from a fully updated version of Pop! _ 19.04, open the Settings app and scroll down the sidebar menu to the Details tab. In the About panel of the Details tab, you will see a button to download the update. When the download is complete, press the button again to update your operating system. This will be the default method for updating pop releases! _ From now on.

And the hybrids, how are you …?

So hybrids are a separate case. It is undeniable that System76 innovated when it brought ISOs from its system, with drivers already ready for AMD / Intel or NVIDIA. But recently, NVIDIA has brought the news that all the owners of a hybrid laptop were wanting, the long-awaited switch between GPUs or On-Demand mode (where the NVIDIA GPU is resting and only waking up when needed).

But in order for this technology to be used, it needs to have the 435.21 driver and NVIDIA-modified Xorg, which as of this writing, had only Ubuntu versions 18.04 and 19.04. So I asked on Pop! _OS Twitter if they would implement the NVIDIA news, and Engineer Michael Aaron Murphy's answer was:

This is implemented in this PR: https://github/pop-os/system76-power/pull/111 It will exist along with our current method of switching between GPUs, as many NVIDIA GPUs do not support the new feature. If you have a supported GPU, this feature will be available soon. The full announcement of the Ubuntu 19.10 release, you can check it out here.

About hybrids, as I mentioned in other articles and lives, both on Twitch and YouTube (Diolinux Friday Show), this theoretically new technology in the Linux world, and many companies that maintain some distro, like Canonical, System76, Mint folks and the like, are gradually implementing. I believe the technology will be available in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and perhaps in Mint 20. So now a moment of patience and calm for this technology.

We also did a review on the channel, showing the main points of this version of Pop! _OS.

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