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Do you know the pomodoro technique?

The pomodoro technique is a method of time management developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a stopwatch to divide the work into 25-minute periods called «pomodoros».

The method based on the idea that frequent breaks can increase mental alertness and seeks to provide an effective response to an anxiety-provoking state called thunderstorm becoming in the works of Henri Bergson and Eugene Minkowski.

O Pomodoro Time It is a powerful application for time optimization. Using this technique, it is based on creating tasks, breaks and monitoring your progress of the day, week or desired period in your iGadgets all synchronized via iCloud.

  • Choose the task to be performed;
  • Adjust the pomodoro;
  • Work on the task until the alarm sounds;
  • Take a short break;
  • Every 4 «pomodoros» take a longer break.

Take advantage of the offer and test the technique. Maybe your productivity doesn’t increase!

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Below more applications which together add up $ 78 off:


Louvre HD app icon

See the works of the famous museum without leaving your home.

GTasks Pro app icon

Task Manager.

Fresh Air - Hyperlocal Weather & NOAA Radar Map app icon

Weather forecast.

Dr. Panda Restaurante 2 app icon

Educational app.


Outline app icon - your digital notebook

Good option for grades.

Suite for iWork - Templates for Pages and Keynote app icon

Templates for iWork.

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