Razer Linux Drivers

Polychromatic – How to Install Razer Drivers on Linux

Download Razer Linux drivers to get your BlackWidow peripherals to work

Do you have a Razer keyboard or mouse and would like to use it on Linux? You may be happy, there is a good chance you will be able to make all the important settings of your Razer Keyboard with Polychromatic, an App that installs the drivers needed to use branded peripherals, keyboards and mice in Linux, see how it works. .

Razer Linux Drivers

Razer is a well-known brand of gamers, there are several peripherals produced by the company that besides beautiful and good quality, have a lot of extra features, macro and backlight settings that give a special charm, such as the Razer Chroma line, for example. .

The problem with using Razer peripherals on Linux is that the company doesn't usually produce drivers for other platforms, just for Windows, but that doesn't mean you can't use your beloved peripherals on the penguin.

Polychromatic – Razer Drivers for Linux

Razer Drivers for Linux

The software in question, in addition to supporting a series of Razer products, has the following characteristics:

– Creation of configuration profiles for games or specific applications – Switch between Macro settings – Gaming mode – Lighting control including color change – Indicator applet to easily change user profiles

Compatible peripherals are as follows:

– BlackWidow Chroma

– BlackWidow Chroma Tournament Edition

– BlackWidow Ultimate 2012

– BlackWidow Ultimate 2013

– BlackWidow Classic

– BlackWidow Tournament Edition

– BlackWidow Firefly

And some peripherals are partially supported, with some limited functions:

– BlackWidow Ultimate 2016

– Razer Abyssus

Polychromatic is available for Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, openSUSE and Fedora, you can find the instructions to install in each of the distributions. on the project page.

If you use Ubuntu you can install it by double clicking on the .deb package which you can download from the button below, once installed, just look for "Polychromatic" in the system menu, there are packages for 64 bit systems only.

Click to download Polychromatic at .deb

Who prefers to do things by terminal can do using this PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: lah7 / polychromatic

sudo apt update && sudo apt install polychromatic

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