Poll: Who really managed to activate TIM Beta this week?

Poll: Who really managed to activate TIM Beta this week?

This last week started off very busy, especially for those who were thinking of changing the internet plan with the operator. TIM launched the #WIFIKILLER campaign, which distributes free invitations to the coveted TIM Beta, which offers up to 10GB of data for R $ 50.00 per month. However, not everything was a bed of roses, and the problems that arose between registering on the site and activating the plan were as diverse as possible. Did you also have any problems trying to activate TIM Beta?

The story we made about the campaign turned into a mix of SAC and FAQ, where those who were already TIM customers were helping users interested in purchasing the plan. The information was the most diverse, as the #WIFIKILLER website spent most of its time down, while TIM's call center was completely uninformed.

These reports were also compiled and were part of an article prepared by the site. Gizmodo. It is even more evident that TIM's lack of preparation by launching a promotion of this size, because it was kind of obvious that "half the world" would be interested in Beta invitations.

Many users were unable to register, activate or migrate to TIM Beta

I also tried to sign up for the plan, but to no avail. In fact, I was unable to access the site during the time I tried, and I also did not contact the call center because I knew that Beta Basic would be enabled by then. I talk more about the difference between TIM Beta plans in this article:

The result of TIM's mega campaign was the anticipation of its closure and a large portion of customers who were left without the service. Others, by the way, are still waiting for the activation on chips that were purchased or migrated to Beta. And you, how was this whole story?