Poll: What is your favorite graphical user interface in the Linux world?

It's always interesting to see most people's preferences, it helps us better shape the content to be published and also shows application developers the main platforms. It's time for you to give your opinion too!

The best and most preferred Linux world interfaces

You are watching our YouTube channel and paying attention to the "Community Tab" where we only post several notices, extra content and some members only too, you may have noticed and even participated in our poll, but if you haven't seen it yet, here she goes!

The YouTube community tab currently only allows 5 items in a poll, so I added the ones that I believe are some of the most popular, besides the "Other" option, where you can put in your comments the ones you prefer.

After this first step, we have over 1,200 votes and GNOME Shell continues to win in popularity. Let's hope to get more votes and we'll produce a video showing and commenting on the result.

Join in!

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