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Poll: Does Moto line need a new release this year?

Even those who follow the world of mobile technology for a long time have a little difficulty understanding the game manufacturers make with each release. The price ranges, the categories and the proposed use of the software change, but in general the handsets remain "more of the same". Generally, those who have more options to offer for more diverse prices end up standing out. Perhaps this is the goal of the Lenovo and Motorola brands for the Vibe and Moto series this year.

For us users the Motorola and Lenovo brands are companies with different proposals and lines of devices. In fact they are, but for the market both are the same. Just look at one of the bimonthly reports that have been released by Brazilian research institutes in recent months, where the American company appears in front of many competitors with 20% market share.

However, these analyzes add the Chinese models to the Moto series, which explains Motorola's position in the top three.

At the beginning of the merger between the brands, it was said that the Moto series would arrive in China for the first time, and would be sold as a more premium option from Lenovo. The opposite would happen in countries where Moto already exists, as in Brazil, which received Vibe models as the most cost-effective options. Anyway, for me, these gadgets are the same thing, and the same company.

AndroidPIT moto family 5180
Recent Moto series models / AndroidPIT

Still in this line of thought, this week we had two news related to Moto M and the alleged Moto X Style 2016. The first model would be a "Moto G 2013: the return of the non-gone", while the second would be the continuation of Moto X Last year's style.

Whichever way and how these devices will be launched, the fact that in the country the Vibe and Moto lines are already present in the most diverse price ranges possible, see the average price of each model: Vibe B (R $ 450), Vibe C2 ( R $ 600), Vibe K5 (R $ 750), Moto G4 (R $ 850), Moto G4 Play (R $ 900), Vibe A7010 (R $ 1,100), Moto G4 Plus (R $ 1,300), Moto Z Play ($ 1,900), Moto Z ($ 2,900).

Do we have room for one or two more Motorola / Lenovo models this year? What would be the purpose of these new devices, since the models listed above are in different categories and reach different audiences? Well, I want to know the answer to this question from you:

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