Poll: 29% of MacMagazine readers found the new MacBook their ideal machine

We have already checked the first reviews of the new MacBook and we even discussed it in our podcast this week, which will air until the end of the day. But what about readers of MacMagazine, what did you think at first sight?

Poll about the new MacBook

The result of our last poll, which included 1,933 votes of participation, shows that 29% of our readers found the new MacBook to be their ideal machine, that is, that it is “perfect” for their needs.

Adding the group of those who prefer the MacBook Air with the Pro, we reach 62% of the total. Another 4% prefer desktop Macs. Of the readers, only 5% do not use Mac.

For our new poll, which is already on the air, we wanted your opinion on where the third Brazilian Apple Retail Store should open (if there is one in the Apple plans). Participate now! ?