AirPower could (finally) hit the market in September for $ 150

Polish store gives hints that AirPower charger could cost around US $ 200

The wireless charger Airpower, introduced by Apple to the new iPhones, is keeping pretty quiet until its official release, promised sometime next year. We do not know your precise release date, much of your specifications and perhaps the most important part of all your price.

Well, this last question, although not fully understood, got a light today thanks to the slip of an Apple retailer in Poland.

As our Polish blog colleagues noticed Thinkapple, an Eastern European partner of Ma named X-Kom accidentally listed the AirPower charger on its website. The price? 999 zotys. What other Apple products cost 999 zotys? The 32GB iPod touch or the Bose SoundLink Mini (which is obviously Apple's, but sold on its official website in Poland). What is the price of these two products in the US? $ 199.

That is, if the price listed by the store is correct and not just a Placeholder, we can expect AirPower for about $ 200, which would surely make it the most expensive of all wireless chargers available on the market. Of course, it has its advantages, such as the rare ability to charge multiple devices at the same time, but still, I imagine many will wring their nose to such a high value (less here in Brazil, because we are already basically numb about it). ).

Anyway, it is hoped that our Polish friends have just made a mistake and AirPower will come up with a slightly friendlier value, right?

via 9to5Mac